ET Namespace Reference


class  Brush
class  SplattingManager
class  TerrainInfo
class  TerrainManager


namespace  Impl


typedef std::vector
< std::string > 
typedef std::vector
< Ogre::ColourValue > 
typedef std::vector
< Ogre::Image > 


Brush _ETManagerExport loadBrushFromImage (const Ogre::Image &image)
void _ETManagerExport saveBrushToImage (const Brush &brush, Ogre::Image &image)
createMinimap (const Ogre::Image &colourMap, const Ogre::Image &lightMap)
void _ETManagerExport loadHeightmapFromImage (TerrainInfo &info, const Ogre::Image &image)
void _ETManagerExport saveHeightmapToImage (const TerrainInfo &info, Ogre::Image &image, unsigned int bpp=2)
void _ETManagerExport loadHeightmapFromRawData (TerrainInfo &info, Ogre::DataStream &stream, size_t width, size_t height)
void _ETManagerExport saveHeightmapToRawData (const TerrainInfo &info, std::ostream &stream, unsigned int bpp=2)
void _ETManagerExport createTerrainLightmap (const TerrainInfo &info, Ogre::Image &image, size_t width, size_t height, Ogre::Vector3 lightDir, const Ogre::ColourValue &lightCol, const Ogre::ColourValue &ambient, bool shadowed=true)

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<Ogre::ColourValue> ET::ColourList

typedef std::vector<Ogre::Image> ET::ImageList

typedef std::vector<std::string> ET::NameList

Function Documentation

Ogre::Image _ETManagerExport ET::createMinimap ( const Ogre::Image &  colourMap,
const Ogre::Image &  lightMap 

Modulates a colour map by a lightmap. Can be used as a minimap of the terrain.

void _ETManagerExport ET::createTerrainLightmap ( const TerrainInfo &  info,
Ogre::Image &  image,
size_t  width,
size_t  height,
Ogre::Vector3  lightDir,
const Ogre::ColourValue &  lightCol,
const Ogre::ColourValue &  ambient,
bool  shadowed = true 

Derives a lightmap from the terrain described by the given TerrainInfo. The lightmap is stored in the passed image.

info Terrain info to generate the lightmap for
image The image to store the lightmap into
width The width of the resulting lightmap
height The height of the resulting lightmap
lightDir The direction from which the light is coming
lightCol The colour of the light
ambient Ambient colour
shadowed Whether to include terrain self-shadows in the lightmap

Brush _ETManagerExport ET::loadBrushFromImage ( const Ogre::Image &  image  ) 

Loads a brush from a grayscale image

void _ETManagerExport ET::loadHeightmapFromImage ( TerrainInfo &  info,
const Ogre::Image &  image 

Loads a heightmap from an image and stores it in the given TerrainInfo.

void _ETManagerExport ET::loadHeightmapFromRawData ( TerrainInfo &  info,
Ogre::DataStream &  stream,
size_t  width,
size_t  height 

Loads a heightmap from a raw data file and stores it in the given TerrainInfo.

void _ETManagerExport ET::saveBrushToImage ( const Brush &  brush,
Ogre::Image &  image 

Saves a brush to a grayscale image

void _ETManagerExport ET::saveHeightmapToImage ( const TerrainInfo &  info,
Ogre::Image &  image,
unsigned int  bpp = 2 

Saves a heightmap to image.

void _ETManagerExport ET::saveHeightmapToRawData ( const TerrainInfo &  info,
std::ostream &  stream,
unsigned int  bpp = 2 

Saves a heightmap to a raw data file.

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